Frequency asked questions for Sage 50 Cloud

What is the Sage 50 Cloud API?

The Sage 50 Cloud API provides a consistent method for connecting 3rd party Applications to a Sage 50 Cloud Application.

How does it Work?

The key concept of the Sage 50 Cloud API is based around a simple file sharing approach to support integration solutions. Each file contains application data conforming to a relevant solution schema (See Solutions section).

Is it real-time based?

Sage 50 Cloud provides a near-time data exchange and data processing model based on the availability of the target Sage 50 Cloud Application instance. The Sage 50 Cloud Application on a scheduled basis will upload files containing the data for any active integration solutions, enabling a 3rd Party Application to consume that data. Additionally, the Sage 50 Cloud Application will download on a scheduled basis any files uploaded from a 3rd Party Application and process locally according to the chosen integration solution.

What frequency is used to update the information available?

The refresh frequency will be the responsibility of the target Sage 50 Cloud Application.

How do I know there is new data available?

Sage 50 Cloud will notify the 3rd Party Application when new data is available.

Should I implement a polling policy to retrieve new data?

This step is not necessary, due to Sage 50 Cloud sending a notification when new data is available. You can also call on-demand the Sage 50 Cloud API to download the data for a required file.

When do I have to upload new data?

The 3rd Party Application has full responsibility for scheduling the uploading of files to the Sage 50 Cloud based on their local application requirements.

How can I track what’s going on with the data that my application has uploaded to Sage 50 Cloud?

See Tracking Progress section.

How can I get my API key to start working with Sage 50 Cloud?

See Onboarding section.

Should I use the same API key for all my applications?

No, each application MUST be individually registered and MUST use a different API key.

Does an API Key last foreever?

No, an API Key refresh policy is enforced, see API Key Rotation section.

Does the Sage 50 Cloud platform have any restrictions?

Yes, the size of a file (10MB as default).

What can I do if I have some doubts?

You must contact support.